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How To Fit Your Vinyl Signs
How To apply window screen Sun Srip Wet application

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Vinyl graphics install sun visor


For WET application process Please watch the video below.

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WET Installation Method Applying BoatUS Boat Graphics to your boat is as easy as 1-2-3.
Below we have added a video and some instructions to help you fit your DIY vinyl signs DRY just like the professionals.
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PART 2 - DIY Van Signs: How to Signwrite with Vinyl Graphics
Part 2 of the DIY Van Signs instruction video - how to signwrite a van with vinyl graphics and get a professional finish.
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Part 1 - DIY Van Signs: How to Signwrite with Vinyl Graphics
How 2 video from professional vehicle signwriters DIY Van Signs with detailed instructions on how to install vinyl graphics onto a commercial van. Part 1 covers the application of the graphics, Part 2...
How To Remove Your Vinyl Signs

Removal instructions Removing Your Old Vinyl Graphic Or Text  Removing your old or unwanted vinyl graphics is an easy process providing you follow a few simple guidelines.   You will need a few items for removing the graphics:
1. A hot air gun or hair dryer.
2. Strong finger nails or a Stanley knife blade.
3. Tar and glue remover.
4. T-cut polish.
Using your hot air gun or hair dryer warm up the vinyl sticker/decal, you can also use hot water from a kettle but not boiling. Just pour the water over the vinyl sticker on the panel of the vehicle and under no circumstance use hot water/hot air gun or hair dryer on windows.

What you are trying to achieve is to warm the vinyl sticker and also warm the panel of the vehicle at the same time. This has the effect of softening the backing glue to ease removal from the surface.
When that is done all you do now is use your finger nail or the blade to pick at the edge of the sticker, once you have got it started just peel it off pulling firmly but slowly along the surface rather than straight out. On larger areas you may need to heat and remove smaller sections at a time as a large metal panel will soon cool down.

This may leave some glue residue behind, if it does the best thing to use is Autoglym tar and glue remover which is readily available from all good car accessory shops. Mentholated spirits does a good job of removing the glue residue and grease the tar remover can leave behind.

If there are any visible marks left behind this is caused from the paint of the vehicle 
fading over time in the sun and yet under the sticker it has not deteriated, to get over this problem all you need to do is use some T-cut and some elbow grease on the panel in question.
  Now you are done with the removal of vinyl.

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How To Remove Vinyl Decal Stripe Graphic Sticker Removing Take Off Removal
In this video we show the best practice for removing vinyl decals from a vehicle. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to release the vinyl material from the body of the vehicle then slowly remove. We hope th...

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